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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mould Design & Manufacture

Numerical Control Technology

Machinery Design & Manufacture

Welding Technology & Automation

Computer-Aided Design & Manufacture

Maintenance & Management of Mechanotronics Equipments


Department of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Testing and Maintaining Technology

Automobile Electronic Technology

Automobile technical service & Marketing

Automobile Manufacture & assembly Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

Electric Automation Technology

Computer Control Technology

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Applied Electronics Technology

Electronic Audio & Video Technology

Computer Communication

Microelectronic Technology

Mechanical & Electrical Integration Technology

Mobile Communication Technology

Mechanical & Electrical Integration Technology����the direction of Maintenance of numerical control equipment

Electric Automation Technology���� the direction of automation instrumentation the direction

Department of Architectural Engineering

Intelligent Building Engineering Technology

Architectural Equipment Engineering Technology

Architectural Engineering Technology

Heat Supply, Ventilation & Air-conditioning Engineering Technology

Property Management

Engineering Cost

Architectural Equipment Engineering Technology���� the direction of engineering installation the direction

Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering

Applied Computer Technology

Computer Networks Technology

Computer Information Management����Design & Maintenance of Website the direction

Network System Management

Viewdata Technolog

Software Technology

Department of Art Design

Interior Decoration Design

Design & Production of Animation

Printing Chart Article Information Processing

Industrial Design

Carving Art & Furniture Design


Department of Business Administration

Business Administration


Logistics Management

International Business

Project Management

Marketing and Planning

Accounting & Statistic Calculation

Department of Public Instruction


Practical English

Tourism English