Casino fivem

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One of my favorite mods, I enjoy spending time in a virtual casino.

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Select one of the following categories to start browsing the latest GTA 5 PC mods: “4.0 is currently in the works”… One year, 6 1/2 months ago… 8,071 downloads , 210 KB August 14, 2019

86,388 downloads , 234 KB September 08, 2019 @HKH191 請問模組有分版本嗎? 如果有 那新版的模組可以安裝在舊版的gta5裡嗎? its an great mod but it lags and the champagne isnot working The way npc park their cars is triggering me like they park on bush,they park not in the white line,and when they driving to the car park they are just crashing them self to the wall or didn’t park correctly when i try to enter the garage or inside it makes me fall down the map HELP pls FIX THIS @HKH191 Thanks! 🙂

Need help wont show up @HKH191 Great mod! Hope to see updates soon! I don’t know if it was mentioned already but where does it saves the changes? Which file do I have to change or delete in order to reset a purchase I have made? Thanks! 4.0 is currently in the works, you can get a test version on my discord, 2,418 downloads , 198 KB August 10, 2019 @gorgonut please see, or join my discord, all changes are made in scripts folder but its recommended you install the mega pack version not standalone

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