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Newly added for 2020, the Emperor’s Grace Slots are the machine with a giant statue of a Hutt next to it.

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If you can’t see the videos in this article, please consider white-listing VULKK.com with your AdBlocker. This way you will also support the site. Thank you! The most valuable reward, however, is probably the Kingpin Chip – you have about 5% chance to get it from the Green slots. Playing the Green slots for Kingpin Ships is arguably the cheapest way (but most time-consuming!) to earn Kingpin Chips for the Purple slots. Missions available at the Entertainment Terminal (shown on the image below): IMPORTANT: I have a new guide published for the SWTOR Nightlife Event 2021. Take a look to see what new items were introduces for this edition of the seasonal event. Why’s all the fuss for the Purple slots? On them you can earn some very rare rewards. Like with the Green slots, here you also have 50% chance to receive your Kingpin token back. The Golden Certificate here will drop a bit more often than on the Green slots. Once again the machine can explode in your face, but this would be a very (very!) rare occasion. HR element removed

The new location on Mek-Sha, added in 2020, is in the The Bazaar, in the Three Points zone. Mek-Sha was released with Onslaught in Fall of 2019, so it’s understandable why it wasn’t available the previous years. This guide has been updated to include the changes and new features from the 2020 edition of the Nightlife event, including the Mek-Sha part. The increased chances are actually very small percentages. You can also get a Golden Certificate from the Green slots, but the chance of that happening is less than 1%. In a very rare case the machine might explode in your face, which is another way for you to lose your chip. In some very rare cases (~5% chance) you might get two chips back instead of one. Here is a video showing all rewards: The newly added machine can only be played with the new currency – the Emperor’s chips (the purple ones). You can get one as a very rare drop from a Kingpin’s machine or as a reward for completing the “Dubious Odds” mission. Here is a video showing all rewards:

Completing the Counterfeit Tokens missions will also place a buff on your character. Its effect depends on the choice you made in the last conversation during this mission: You also have a very small chance to get one of the new Emperor’s Grace Slots chips, that can be used on the new machine next to the Hutt statue. The event is active usually once per year for about a month and is hosted on Nar Shaddaa – the Club Vertica Casino for the Republic players and the Star Cluster Casino for the Empire citizens. The new location on Mek-Sha is in the Bazaar, located in the Three Points zone. The list of officially known and soon-to-be fixed bugs contains the following:

Vulkk One-Time Tip via PayPalMonthly Patreon Pledge When you play on the Green slots, you have a 50% chance to get your chip back and about 10% to receive the “Feeling Lucky” buff. This buff lasts for two minutes and can be used to enhance your chances to win items while you play on the Purple slots. Thanks to Lickmycrit for the screenshot and the info on this one. HR element removed HR element removed

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